Extreme Penetrating & Air Tool Oil

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Pen­e­trat­ing Oil rapidly dis­places mois­ture, lubri­cates, cleans, pen­e­trates and stops cor­ro­sion on all met­als. It reduces your main­te­nance time. Our anti-wear extreme pres­sure lubri­cat­ing film will never harden and is low in tox­i­c­ity. Cer­tain types of plas­tics and painted sur­faces may be softened.


  • Loosens nuts
  • Lubri­cates power tools
  • Free sticky parts
  • Lubri­cates pneu­matic tools
  • Excel­lent as a chain lubricant


Loosens and lubri­cates nuts, bolts, muf­flers, manifolds, heat ris­ers, con­trol cables, brake adjus­tors, U-bolls, link­age, tie rod con­nec­tion, locks and latches, elec­tric switches, front end adjustment, engine head bolts and aeri­als. Stop squeaks and bind­ing on doors & hinges, brake ped­als, piv­ots, rub­ber buslings, throt­tle con­trols, car­bu­re­tor link­age, brake assem­blies, speedome­ter cables, locks, elec­tri­cal, motors, sump pumps, power tools and work­shop equip­ment. Stops and pre­vents cor­ro­sion of bat­tery ter­mi­nals, chrome trim, tools and all met­als. Removes mois­ture from dis­trib­u­tor igni­tion wires, starter motors, spark plugs, gen­er­a­tors and alter­na­tors. Wipe out excess of dis­trib­u­tor cap before re-installing.

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