Heavy Duty Paintable Mold Release

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A unique CFC for­mu­la­tion pro­vides a smooth, dry film which is biodegrad­able and non-toxic. Heavy Duty Paintable Mold Release’s built-in flu­o­ro­car­bons give higher lev­els of film strength to elim­i­nate. the vac­uum hydraulic effect. This prod­uct pro­vides pre­mium per­for­mance on parts that will be painted, hot stamped, met­all­ized or oth­er­wise decorated.

  • Con­tains Flu­o­ro­car­bons, for a Higher Level of Film Strength
  • Safe for All Plastics
  • Good Degreaser to Accom­mo­date Clean­ing
    of Brakes & Engine Blocks Prior to Assembly
  • Elim­i­nates Vac­uum Hydraulic Effect
    and Any Releas­ing Problems


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