Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield

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Ultra Fine Dry Mold Shield was devel­oped to give you total con­trol of rust and cor­ro­sion along with acid vapor neu­tral­iz­ing. Our unique 3 way volume control spray tip allows you to DIAL IN ON COVERAGE control and decide just how much to spray. This effec­tive fine fine mist evenly coats molds with­out caus­ing bleed­ing or leech­ing. Excel­lent on PVC tools. Removal is a cinch.



  • Won’t leech, run or cause more bleeding
  • Nice fog for evenly coated molds
  • Semi-transparent cov­er­age
  • Helps elim­i­nate pit­ting that results from the elec­trol­y­sis effect between molds
  • Pro­longs the for­ma­tion of cor­ro­sion between molds

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