White Rhino Rust Sealant

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Why was White Rhino developed?

White Rhino was developed to give the client:

• Dry rust inhibitor which no dust or dirt will cling to

• Long term storage
• Shipping over seas
• Salty environments

• Storage open to the elements • Lubricant
• Welding surface protection
• White color indicator

• Wire EDM
• Die casting mold release • Semi-permanent shell


Shake can well before application and every 10-15 seconds during application to keep contents suspended. It is sprayed on wet and dries to a hard white shell which seals out all moisture and air. Once it is dry, there will be a layer of excess white powder on the surface, you can leave this on or wipe it off (it will be slippery with the powder). The white powder is a ceramic which is an excellent lubricant and release agent.


This shell will break down from oil and solvents. Easy removal by spraying a degreaser on surface and wiping it off or flushing.

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